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Vendor Inspection Experience Worldwide

Tomeco, Hanoi, Vietnam

Pre-Inspection Meeting, Material Certificate Review, Witnessing, Quality Control, ITP Sign-off, MRB Review, Final Inspection of Industrial Burners.

Surface Engineers, Manchester, UK

Paint Testing of Basket Strainers.

Haldatec Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia

Chemical Injection Quills, Final Inspection, Dimensional Check, Document Review, Packing and Marking Inspection.

Galperti Valves, Lecco, Italy

Hydrostatic Testing, Fugitive Emissions Test, Dimensional Check, Painting Inspection, Packing and Marking Inspection, Document Review, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-off.


Allweiler Pumpen GmbH, Radolfzell, Germany

Witness Testing, Performance Test, Noise Test, Vibration Test, Dimensional Check, Document Review.

Broady Flow Control Ltd, Hull, UK

Witness Testing, Dimensional Check, Packing and Marking Inspection, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-off.

ABB Motors & Generators Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Factory Acceptance Test, Performance Test, Electrical Testing, Noise & Vibration Test, Document Review, ITP Sign-off.


Emerson Power SAS, Chassieu, France

Battery, Battery Charger and UPS Witness Testing, QC Control, Overload Test, Temperature Rise Test, Document Review.  Final Inspection.

Mitsubishi, Nagasaki, Japan

Steam Boiler, Material Certificate Review, Welding Inspection, Witness Testing, Dimensional Check, Packing and Marking Inspection, Final Inspection.

Ampress Welding and Fabrication, Lymington, UK

Oil Sprayers, Visual Inspection, Dimensional Check, Pressure Testing, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-off.

SICA SpA, Verona, Italy

Gas Burners, Pressure Testing, Dimensional Check, Document Review, Packing and Marking Inspection, Final Inspection.

Fans & Blowers Ltd, Somerset, UK

Industrial Fans, Hydro Test, Performance Test, Document Review.

De Jong Combustion BV, Schiedam, Holland

Hydrostatic Testing of Natural Gas Lines.

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