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Inspection, Sampling and Testing
of Consumer Goods

Qtech Control’s highly trained consumer product inspectors have a wealth of experience.   To date we have inspected, sampled and tested a diverse range of goods including toys, small electrical appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, luggage, furniture, gem stones, jewellery boxes and stationery.  


Services provided include, but are not limited to the following:-


  • Factory Auditing.


  • During Production Check (DUPRO).


  • Expediting.


  • AQL Sampling & Testing, (accepting or rejecting on the basis of test results).


  • Softline Inspection.


  • PAT Testing.


  • Product Performance Testing.


  • Size Verification.


  • Packing Inspection.


  • Tallying.


  • Marking Verification.


  • Print Quality Inspection & Control.


  • Pre Shipment Inspection.


  • Loading Supervision.


  • Inspection, Sampling & Testing At Receiver's site.


  • Damaged Cargo Inspection.


Qtech Control represent several major brands during product production and packing at sub-manufacturers throughout the world including China where we have nationwide coverage. 

Consumer Goods Quality Control - Qtech Control
Apparel Inspection and Quality Control - Qtech Control
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