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Vendor Inspection Services Worldwide

Highly Experienced Inspection Personnel Available For Ad-Hoc or Resident Vendor Inspection Assignments

Qtech Control is a UK based inspection company providing global vendor inspection, quality assurance and quality control services to major companies in the Oil & Gas; Valve & Pipe Manufacturing;

Power Generation; Metals & Mineral; Refractory; Wind; Solar and Chemical Industries. 


Our Mechanical, Electrical, Welding and Coating Inspection Experts and Expeditors work to ensure that goods strictly adhere to the agreed quality plan, drawings and contractual specification. 

We represent clients during the subcontract manufacture of goods at vendor sites across the UK and worldwide.  We offer a comprehensive range of inspection services which we tailor to meet the requirements of individual clients.

Services provided but not limited to:

  • Client Representation at Pre Inspection Meetings.

  • Witnessing Material Testing: HIC Test, SSC Test, Charpy Impact Test,

     Bend Test.

  • Document Review / Traceability - Material Certificates.

  • Visual Inspection / Dimensional Control.

  • Witness Testing: Performance Test, Sound Emission (Noise) Test, Vibration Test, Temperature Test, Hydrostatic Pressure Test, Net Positive Suction Head Test (NPSH), Balance Test, Leak Test, Ultrasonic Test (UT), Radiographic Test (RT), Magnetic Particle Identification (MPI), Thermographic Test, Liquid / Dye Penetrent Test (LPI/DPI), Pneumatic Test, Functional Test, Cryogenic Test, Fugitive Emissions Test.

  • Witnessing Trial Fit-Up (Assembly).

  • Tagging Inspection.

  • Packing and Marking Inspection.

  • Final Inspection, MRB Review, ITP Sign Off, Issuance Of Inspection Release Note.

Our database of highly experienced, professional Inspection Engineers, Electrical, Welding and Coating Inspectors allows us to provide our clients with on demand inspection services, on time and within budget. Skilled technical inspection personnel available worldwide include:

  • Mechanical Inspectors.

  • Electrical Inspectors.

  • Welding Inspectors.

  • Coating Inspectors.

  • Expeditors.

  • ARAMCO Inspectors.

  • Chemical Engineers.

  • Piping Inspectors.

  • Plant & Vehicle Inspectors.

  • Lifting Equipment Engineers.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test (Valves)

HIC Test

Charpy Impact Test

Final Inspection (Pipes)

Factory Acceptance Test (Control Cabinets)

Liquid Penetrent Inspection (LPI)

Balance Test  (Turbine Rotor)

Hydrostatic Pressure Test (Pipework)

Performance Test (Fans)

Quality & Dimensional Control (Concrete Products)

Factory Acceptance Test (Pig Signallers & Closures)

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