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Supplier Qualification Auditing Worldwide

Qtech Control provide certified ISO 9001:2015 lead auditors to conduct Supplier Qualification Audits on behalf of our clients. 

Supplier Audits are tailored to meet individual client requirements, however they will essentially review the suppliers certification, processes and procedures against the audit criteria stipulated by the client.

The audit will also focus on any concerns which the client may have. It will also check to ensure that the supplier has sufficient controls, processes and monitoring systems established to minimise the risk of damaging the client’s reputation and to diminish the potential of financial loss to the client for poor product quality, or failure to meet delivery deadlines.

Typically, the following key processes would be audited during our Supplier Audit:

  • Staffing Levels and Competence.

  • Certification.

  • Quality Procedures.

  • Complaint and Correction Procedures.

  • Documentation Control.

  • Product Control.

  • Material Control.

  • Equipment and Calibration.

  • Health & Safety.

Upon completion of the audit, the client is supplied with an audit report which includes details of any non-conformance requiring immediate correction, observations for improvement and evidence of good practise.  

Experienced and qualified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditors

Reasons to audit suppliers:
Increased confidence in your supply chain.
Ensure conformity to specifications and standards.
Address and correct minor issues before they become major issues.
Increase your credibility within your industry sector.

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