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Inspection, Witness Testing and Quality Control Services Spain

Qtech Control provide an extensive range of inspection services throughout Spain.  We have a network of experienced mechanical, electrical, welding and coating inspectors working at vendor sites and warehouses throughout Spain. Our team of highly professional technical inspection personnel perform a broad range of quality control activities. We have engineers and inspectors based in the main cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville, Valencia, Burgos, Zaragoza and Gijon.

Our core business:

Vendor Inspection Spain - Services:

  • Supplier Audit Spain

  • Expediting Services Spain

  • Client Representation - Pre Inspection Meetings

  • Witness Testing - Raw Material Testing - Traceability & Document Review, NDT Testing, Pressure Testing, Functional Testing etc.)

  • Quality Control - Workmanship, Dimensional Control

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Coating Inspection Spain

  • Tagging and Marking Control

  • Packing and Marking Inspection

  • Document Review and Signing, QC Documents, Test Reports, Welder Qualifications, ITP etc.

  • Final Inspection and Release

Welding Inspection Spain - Client Representation - Pre Inspection Meetings, Raw Material Traceability - Document Review - Test Reports -Weld Maps - Welder Qualification Records, Quality Control - Visual - Dimensional - Witnessing NDT Testing , Expediting, Tagging and Marking Supervision,  Document Review and ITP Sign-off, Final Inspection and Release.

Pre Shipment Inspection Spain (motors, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, generators, power units, electrical equipment medical devices, printers, computers, pharmaceuticals, new and used vehicles and plant).

Chartered Engineer Certificate Spain to India (used machinery).

We regularly perform quality control and witness testing of the following products in Spain:

  • Motors.

  • Valves.

  • Pump Inspection Spain.

  • Fan Inspection Spain.

  • Heat Exchangers.

  • Generators.

  • Power Transformers.

  • New and Used Vehicle and Plant.

  • Batteries and Chargers.

  • Control Panels.

  • Switchboards.

  • Electrical Equipment and Cabling.

Vendor Sites Attended:


  • Ringo Valves, Zaragoza

  • Sistema Azud SA, Murcia

  • Pinter Caipo, Barcelona

  • Enexio, Navarra

  • Tejeria SL, Navarra

  • Laminados De Aller, Asturias

  • Tubacero, Cartagena 

  • Pekos Valves, Bizkaia

  • Cryospain SL, Madrid


  • Gruber Hermanos, Bizkaia

  • Foster Wheeler Energia, Madrid

  • Metalbame SL, Tarragona

  • Coraci SA, Barcelona

  • Laceuva Can Machinery SL, La Rioja

  • Coinma, Barcelona

  • Sarralle Group, Azpeitia

  • Inmetusa, Navarra

  • Delphin Tubes SA, Gijon


Engineering Inspection

NDT Witness Testing

Factory Acceptance Test - Centrifugal Fans

Supplier Surveillance Audit

Final Inspection - Regeneration Gas Heater

Final Inspection - Regeneration Gas Heater

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