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Loading and/or Discharge Supervision of Project Cargo Worldwide

Qtech Control provide highly experienced surveyors and master mariners for supervising and witnessing the safe transfer, loading and securing of heavy lift and project cargoes at ports and terminals worldwide.  Our skilled and qualified inspection personnel work to ensure that our client's interests are protected during the transfer, loading and or discharge of their cargo.


We offer a comprehensive range of inspection services which we tailor to meet the requirements of individual clients.













  • Witnessing the safe and secure transfer of project cargo to and from road transport.

  • Witnessing the safe and secure transfer of project cargo to and from maffi trailer.

  • Vessel loading supervision.

  • Container loading supervision.

  • Tally of cargo aboard vessel or into container.

  • Marking control.

  • Witnessing stevedoring operations, reporting on, and protesting against damage.

  • Cargo and packing quality control.

  • Witnessing lashing and dunnage application aboard vessel.

  • Container loading, lashing and sealing survey.

  • Discharge supervision, quality control, damaged cargo investigation, mitigation and loss control.

  • Services provided at vendor sites, warehouse, store and ports worldwide.

  • Highly experienced inspectors and marine surveyors at cost effective rates.

  • Timely and accurate reporting.

  • Protecting client interests and preventing problems.

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