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Qtech Control is a UK based international inspection company.   We are highly experienced at protecting our client’s interests during the sub-contract manufacture and testing of refractory products.  Our inspectors work to ensure that refractory products are manufactured according to the agreed quality plan and contractual specification.   We independently witness sample preparation and manufacturing processes, from performing raw material traceability review, to witness testing and quality inspection of refractory samples.  Upon successful completion of inspection and testing, we also provide packing and marking supervision to ensure that goods are correctly stowed in order to prevent movement in transit.

Services provided include:

  • Representing clients at Pre Inspection Meetings.

  • Raw material traceability review.

  • Review of the vendor’s manufacturing processes, production line and testing facilities.

  • Witnessing of sample mixing and production.

  • Random sample selection and quality inspection.

  • Independently reviewing test results.

  • Dimensional review.

  • Final Inspection.

  • Supervision of Packing and Marking.

Refractory Inspection Services - Qtech Control
Packing and Marking Inspection - Qtech Control
Refractory Product Quality Control - Qtech Control

Third Party Inspection And Witness Testing Of Refractory Products Worldwide

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