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Freelance Inspection Personnel For Ad-Hoc and Resident Inspection Assignments

Qtech Control provide independent, impartial, third party inspection, expediting and auditing services to major companies operating within the oil and gas, valve, pipe and pump manufacturing, power generation, chemical, construction and marine industries. We have an on-going demand for professional inspectors, expeditors and auditors of various disciplines within the UK, Europe, Australia, USA, Mexico and Brazil.

Please note that all of our inspections in India and China are arranged by our long standing associates based in each country. We do not require or accept applications to register with us from individual inspectors in India or China.

Assignments vary from one or two day ad-hoc inspections, to three to four year client placement.


Disciplines sought:-


  • Mechanical Engineers (valves, pumps, engines, generators, conveyors, heat exchangers, piping, plates, plant and machinery)

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Inspectors.

  • Welding Inspectors (CSWIP or equivalent).

  • NDT Technicians.

  • Painting & Coating Inspectors (ICORR, BGAS and NACE)

  • ARAMCO Registered Inspectors of all disciplines in UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

  • LEEA Registered Inspectors.

  • Expeditors.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditors.


We also have regular requirements for skilled marine surveyors and experienced cargo inspectors worldwide:-


  • Marine Surveyors.

  • Master Mariners.

  • General Cargo Inspectors for Pre Shipment Inspection.

  • Timber Inspectors.




Candidates must have at least five years relevant experience and be fully conversant verbally and in writing in the English language.


Please submit CV and copies of your work related qualification certificates to

All requests to register with Qtech Control Limited for temporary inspection / expediting / surveying / auditing assignments will be handled on a strictly confidential basis.  Applications will be vetted before personal data of successful applicants is added to our Approved Personnel Database. 

Your CV and Personal Data – Qualification Certificates – Passport – ID Card

When applying to register your CV with Qtech Control, you consent to us contacting relevant third parties stated on your CV (former employers, referees) and issuers of your qualification certificates, in order to as best possible check their validity. False statements in CVs, and/or false/falsified qualification certificates will be brought to your attention and will likely result in rejection to register with Qtech Control. The personal data submitted will be securely deleted according to the procedures included in our IT Policy.   

When registering your details with us, your CV will be made available to our staff and to prospective clients / associated inspection companies in connection with the recruitment process for temporary inspection / expediting / surveying / auditing assignments unless you request otherwise. 


Certain sites where inspection / expediting / surveying / auditing assignments take place require special security clearance before allowing access to site. Under such circumstances it may be necessary to provide a copy of your Passport and/or ID Card to the site in order to grant access.  We will always contact you to discuss this process before proceeding.  



You agree that personal information included in your CV/Application to Qtech Control may be used and disclosed for temporary inspection / expediting / surveying / auditing assignment purposes and provided to relevant third parties (direct clients and associated inspection companies).


Deletion Of Data

In the event that you are no longer available for work and wish to be removed from our Approved Personnel Database, please contact us and we will ensure that your personal data is deleted securely.


To ensure compliance to the GDPR legislation of 25 May 2018, we have reviewed and revised our IT Policy and created a new GDPR Policy to ensure that we have in place all the necessary technical, administrative and physical safeguards for the secure storage, processing and deletion as necessary of personal data.

The policies include detailed processes and procedures concerning the secure storage, back-up, processing, forwarding, retention period and deletion of data necessarily held for the recruitment of temporary personnel for inspection / expediting / surveying / auditing assignments.


Personal information provided by you is retained as long as the purpose for which the data was collected continues. It is then archived or destroyed unless its retention is required to satisfy audit, legal, regulatory or accounting requirements or to protect Qtech Control’s interests.

Qtech Control will not sell, trade or rent your personal data.

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