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Third Party Inspection And Witness Testing Of Valves Worldwide

Qtech Control provide highly experienced mechanical inspectors for witness testing and quality control of valves at many of the worlds most prominent valve manufacturing sites.  We offer a comprehensive range of inspection services which we tailor to meet the requirements of individual clients.

Services provided but not limited to:

Client Representation at Pre Inspection Meetings.

Witness Testing:  Material Testing, Traceability, Document Review.


Witness Testing: Visual Inspection (VT), Dimensional Control, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Cryogenic Testing, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Fugitive Emissions Test (FET), Liquid / Dye Penetrant Inspection (LPI / DPI), Coating Inspection, Tagging Inspection, MRB Review, Final Inspection, Packing and Marking Inspection.

Qtech Control is an ISO 17020 registered type A inspection body.  Included in our accreditation is the inspection, testing and certification of valves.


We also provide 3.2 inspection and certification of valve bodies.


To date we have performed inspection and witness testing of valves at the following valve manufacturing sites:

Goodwin International, UK

Oliver Valves, UK

Velan Valves, UK

HP Valves, Holland

IMI Orton, Italy

International Valves, UK

MTM Valves, Italy

Adanac Valves, UK

Alco Valves, UK

John Mills Valves, UK

Oswal Industries, India

Galperti Valves, Italy

SVT Corporation, China

KOSO Kent Introl, UK

Samson Valves, Germany

Severn Glocon, Chennai, India

Circor Valves, Milan, Italy

PJ Valves, UK

Crane Stockham Valves, UK

Brooksbank Valves, UK

SRI Valves, France

RP Valves, UK

Mokveld Valves, Holland

Sabre Valves, UK

RC Valves, UK

OMB Valves, Italy

Thompson Valves, UK

Abacus Valves, UK

Broady Valves, UK

Pentair Valves, UK

Valve Italia, Italy

Ringo Valves, Spain

Pentair Valves, Goa, India

Nihon Koso, Shizuoka, Japan

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