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Qtech Control has experienced timber inspectors providing clients with a wide range of quality control services, quantity verification and marine surveys.   Our growing client portfolio includes timber traders, paper/board manufacturers, shipping companies and port agents.


Services include:-


  • Pre-Shipment Inspection.


  • Moisture determination.


  • Quality control - checking product dimensions, moisture content, packing and marking conditions comply with the contractual specifications.


  • Size verification.


  • Marking verification.


  • Rejecting out of specification product.


  • Witnessing packing and banding.


  • Grading.


  • Tallying.


  • Full supervision of loading ensuring product is stowed correctly aboard vessel or into container.


  • Container sealing.


  • Full supervision of discharge ensuring product is handled in a correct manner.


  • Damaged cargo investigation.


  • Water Ingress investigation.


  • Cross referencing product discharged against packing list.


  • Export Packing Supervision.


From moisture testing, tallying and packing inspection, to full supervision of discharge, Qtech Control can protect your interests during shipment of your timber cargo.

Timber Quality Control - Qtech Control
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