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Inspection, Witness Testing and Quality Control Services Italy

Qtech Control provide an extensive range of inspection and expediting services throughout Italy.  We have a network of mechanical, electrical, welding and coating inspectors working at vendor sites across Italy.

Our core business:

Vendor Inspection Italy:

  • Supplier Audit

  • Expediting Services

  • Client Representation - Pre Inspection Meetings

  • Witness Testing - Raw Material Testing - Traceability & Document Review, NDT Testing, Pressure Testing, Functional Testing etc.)

  • Quality Control - Workmanship, Dimensional Control

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Coating Inspection and Testing

  • Tagging and Marking Control

  • Packing and Marking Inspection

  • Document Review and Signing, QC Documents, Test Reports, Welder Qualifications, ITP etc.

  • Final Inspection and Release


Welding and Fabrication Projects Italy


  • Client Representation - Pre Inspection Meeting

  • Raw Material Traceability

  • Document Review - Test Reports -Weld Maps - Welder Qualification Records 

  • Quality Control - Visual - Dimensional

  • Witnessing NDT Testing

  • Expediting

  • Tagging Verification

  • Document Review and ITP Sign-off

  • Final Inspection, Packing and Marking Inspection and Release


Pre Shipment Inspection Italy:

  • Quality Control

  • Tally

  • Packing and Marking Supervision

(valves, pumps, medical devices, new and used printers, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, meat, seafood, new and used vehicles and plant, fabricated steel work, pipes, cables, refractory products, fire fighting equipment, weather measuring equipment, lighting equipment, packaging machinery and power generation equipment.)


Chartered Engineer Certificate  Italy - used machinery to India

Used Machinery Inspection Italy to Indonesia

Certificate of Conformity Italy to Algeria

Certificate of Inspection Italy to Libya

General Cargo Inspection and Marine Survey:

We have professional marine surveyors and cargo inspectors located at main ports and cities. As a consequence, we are able to offer independent inspection services and marine surveys throughout Italy:

  • Hold Cleanliness Inspection

  • Draft Survey

  • On – Off Hire Survey

  • Bunker Survey

  • Cargo Loading / Discharge Supervision Vessel and Container

  • Project Cargo / Heavy Lift / Vessel Loading / Discharge Supervision

  • Damaged Cargo Inspection

We regularly attend Third Party Vendor Inspection, Quality Control and Witness Testing at the following vendor sites:-


Zunit Italiana, Bergamo, Italy

Insulating Joint - Pressure Testing, Document Review (Material Certs, Test Report)

IRCA SpA, Treviso, Italy

​Water Heater and Control Cabinet -Final Inspection, Quality Control, Dimensional Verification, Document Review and Release.

Inox Tech SpA, Lendinara, Italy

Tubes / Pipes - Final Inspection, Quality Control, Dimensional Verification, Document Review and Release.

Circor Valves, Milan, Italy

Valves - Expediting, ​Hydrostatic Testing, Fugitive Emissions Test, Dimensional Check, Painting Inspection, Packing and Marking Inspection, Document Review, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-Off.

Sica SpA, Verona, Italy

Gas Burners - Pressure Testing, Dimensional Check, Document Review, Packing and Marking Inspection.

Galperti Valves, Lecco, Italy

Valves - Hydrostatic Testing, Fugitive Emissions Test, Dimensional Check, Painting Inspection, Packing and Marking Inspection, Document Review, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-Off.

MTM Valves, Turin, Italy

Valves - Client Representation at Pre-Inspection Meeting, Witness Testing, Dimensional Check, Packing & Marking Inspection, Final Inspection, MRB Review, ITP Sign-Off.

Bonney Forge, Bergamo, Italy

Visual Inspection, Dimensional Control, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Pneumatic Testing, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-Off.

Parcol SpA, Milan, Italy

Safety Valve - Final Inspection, Document Review, Packing and Marking Inspection.

F lli Cella, Cremosano, Italy

Fuel Gas Skid - Atex Compliance Inspection

Linco Baxo Industrie Refrattari SpA, Ferrara, Italy

Refractory Products - Material Specification and Certificate Review, Witnessing Sample Preparation and Testing, Document Review.

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 In addition, we have experience at conducting repeated and ad-hoc Pre-Shipment Inspection at the following vendor sites:- 

Baltimore Aircoil International, Sondrio, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Coolers.

Casagrande Elletroconstruzioni Srl, Verona, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Steam Generator and Accessories.

Fiamm Energy Technology SpA, Vicenza, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Batteries and Accessories

Bisello Technology Systems Srl, Como, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Skid Package

Circor Pibiviesse SpA, Milan, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Valves

Siatex Srl, Prato, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Used Textile Machinery

Matteo Gold Srl, Vicenza, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Used Jewellery Production Machinery

CFT SpA, Parma, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Juice Extraction Line

Gadda Di Gadda Giacomo & C. S.N.C, Varese, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Used Textile Machinery

Steeltrade Srl, Rottofeno, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Steel Pipes

Reverberi Italia Srl, Bibbiano, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Wool Processing Equipment

Soilmec SpA, Cesana, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Hydraulic Grab Equipment

Cimprognetti SpA, Bergamo, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Kilns and Accessories

Turbo Srl, Cesano Maderno, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Immersion Tanks

Brazzoli SpA, Milan, Italy

Pre-Shipment Inspection - Dyeing Machinery

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