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Certificate Of Inspection - Libya

Qtech Control provide pre shipment inspection to Libya  and issue Certificate of Inspection for exports from the UK and in several countries in Europe.


On May 10th 2015, the Central Bank of Libya issued Resolution No. 96 establishing rules for regulating the use of foreign exchange for opening documentary Letters of Credit (LC).  It decreed that all commercial banks offering a documentary Letter of Credit facility for the purpose of importing goods from abroad, must include a clause requiring the provision of a Certificate Of Inspection, Libya (COI Libya), issued by an international inspection company. 

Failure to provide a Certificate Of Inspection can result in goods being rejected or detained for an indefinite period at customs on arrival in Libya.

Qtech Control have extensive experience at co-ordinating and executing COI inspection and certification.  We provide highly experienced technical inspectors and engineers throughout the UK and abroad. Our ISO accredited inspection services are trusted by several prominent international manufacturing companies and traders.

MALTA -  Transhipment Hub For Exports To Libya. 

Qtech Control provide quality and quantity control, packing and marking inspection and supervision of loading into container and aboard vessel at Malta Freeport.  Our highly experienced inspectors work to ensure that goods are transhipped safely, securely and in full quantity.  Call us to discuss your requirement in Malta for Certificate Of Inspection to Libya.

We have experience of inspecting and certifying a wide variety of engineered products for the Oil & Gas Industry, pharmaceuticals, production machinery, equipment, foodstuffs and protective clothing destined for Libya.


Please call us to discuss your requirements and to receive a highly competitive quotation.

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