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Inspection and Quality Control Services Of Structural Steel Building Projects and Construction Materials

Qtech Control provide highly experienced and diligent welding, NDT and coating inspectors for third party inspection and quality control of steel building structures and construction materials throughout the UK and abroad.    

Our industry qualified inspectors protect our client's interests during the subcontract manufacturing process.  Quality control and witness testing is performed throughout the various stages of production both at the main contractors and at their subcontractors production sites. We work to independently verify that goods are manufactured on time and to the approved drawing and contractual specification.

Services provided but not limited to:

  • Supplier Auditing.

  • Client Representation at Pre Inspection / Pre Production Meetings.

  • Expediting Services.  Checking Production Status / Delivery Dates and Investigating Delays etc.

  • Welding Workshop Health & Safety Audit.

  • Document Review - Material / Mill Certificate Review - including Certificate No., Heat or Cast No., Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, NDT tests and results.


  • Product marking inspection including CE Marking.

  • Raw Material Inspection - checking for defects, surface lamination cracks, sharp edges, indentations or scale before further processing.

  • Witnessing hot dip galvanising and cold galvanising (painting) of subsequently cut or drilled sections. 

  • Welding Consumables Procedure - review against specification.

  • Document Review - Welder's Performance Qualification (WPQ) against specification or applicable standard.

  • Document Review - Inspection Test Plan (ITP), Quality Plan, Weld Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (PQR), Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ), GAD.

  • Witnessing the fabrication process - visual inspection, quality control, alignment, flatness, straightness, general workmanship. Checking that burrs and sharp edges are removed after cutting / drilling. Checking that weld seams are flat / ground, well executed,  tight cut and with spatter and slag removed prior to coating.

  • Dimensional Inspection of structural components, fixings and fasteners. Verification of the location, shape and size of holes and cuts against approved drawings.

  • Witnessing NDT Testing - Ultrasonic Testing (UT),

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Liquid / Dye Penetrant Inspection (LPI/DPI).

  • Document Review - NDT Test Reports. 

  • Coating Inspection: review of paint specification, review of approved painting procedure, inspection of surface treatment, witnessing the application of primer, verifying drying times and witnessing the application of additional coats. 

  • Witnessing paint thickness testing (DFT). Document Review - Test Reports.  Inspection by industry qualified professional coating inspectors (NACE, ICORR).

  • Witnessing Trial Fit-up (assembly).

  • Marking and Tagging Inspection.

  • Loading Supervision - containers and flatbed trucks - tally of the product throughout the loading to ensure full shipment.  Witnessing the safe and secure loading, stowing, lashing and protection of protruding parts. 

  • Witnessing container sealing.

Highly experienced and qualified welding, NDT and coating inspectors for inspection, quality control and witness testing of structural steel frame building projects. 


We represent buyers and end users of steel frame buildings and constructional materials at vendor sites to ensure that goods are manufactured as per contractual specifications and are delivered on schedule.

Quality Control and Witness Testing of:

  • Steel Beams and Structural Components.

  • Fittings and Fixtures.

  • Glass Panels and Frames.​

  • Fasteners.

  • Doors and Windows.

  • Cladding Panels.

  • Cladding Tiles.

  • Rebar.

  • Steel Mesh.

  • Roofing Materials.

  • Accessories / Spare Parts / Paint / Touch-up Paint.

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