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Qtech Control provide highly experienced, professional painting and coating inspectors for ad-hoc quality control and testing throughout the UK and the wider world.   We have access to certified NACE and ICORR inspectors of various levels.  

Our inspectors protect our client's interests throughout the painting process. From witnessing product blasting and checking the analytical content of the paint for application, to ensuring that final products are packed safely without damage to paintwork, we work to independently verify that goods are painted and coated as per contractual specification.


Services provided but not limited to:


  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Test.

  • Adhesion Test (Knife Test, Tape Test). 

  • Pull Off Test (Dolly Testing).

  • Holiday Test.

  • Bresle Salt Test.

  • Humidity Test.

  • Paint Specification Review against requirements.

  • Witness Testing at vendor site / paint shop.

  • Physical Testing at installation site of painted product.

Painting / coating inspection, quality control and testing at vendor sites throughout the UK and abroad.  

Representing clients to ensure that coatings are applied as per contractual requirements.

Highly experienced

and certified

NACE / ICORR Inspectors.

Coating Inspection Services Wordwide

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