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Inspection, Sampling and Quality Control of
Meat and Seafood Worldwide

Qtech Control provide highly experienced meat, poultry and seafood inspectors for product inspection and container loading / discharge supervision in several countries around the world including the UK, Ireland, Holland, Poland, USA, Australia, Argentina, Brasil, Chile and China. 


Our work in this sector is diverse.  We represent clients at abattoirs, processing plants and coldstores.  We also have extensive experience at performing Pre-Shipment Inspection control including:

  • Pre Loading Inspection - checking pallet and carton product description and codes, production - kill / best before dates

  • Product and Packaging Quality Control / Grade Verification

  • Product and Packaging Weight Verification (gross tare and net / fresh, frozen or defrosted product)

  • Temperature Control

  • Container Pre Loading Inspection - checking to ensure a clean, dry and odourless environment

  • Container Loading Supervision - ensuring safe and sound stowage

  • Rejecting damaged pallets or cartons

  • Tally of cartons

  • Witnessing of reefer temperature setting

  • Witnessing sealing of the container

We also highly active in attending quality claims by receivers.   Our experience includes investigating claims of:-

  • Shortages

  • Incorrect correlation between label and product

  • Incorrect meat to fat ratio

  • Over-salted chicken breast

  • Mis-cut / mis-shapen chicken breast

  • Over-glazed shrimp - gross net weight on defrosting

  • Damage due to interruptions in temperature control

Allow our global network of highly experienced meat, poultry and seafood inspectors to protect your interests during shipment of fresh, frozen and perishable foodstuffs.

... because it is all too easy for loading staff to load out of date, inferior, damaged or incorrect product... intentionally or unintentionally!


Independent verification of product quality and quantity.  Ensuring safe and sound loading as per contractual specifications.

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