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Loading and/or Discharge Supervision Of Food Products Worldwide

Qtech Control provides a wide range of inspection services to the international food supply and logistical industries.  Products regularly inspected by Qtech Control include:-


  • Meat and Poultry.


  • Seafood. 


  • Rice.


  • Sugar.


  • Cocoa Bean.


  • Coffee.


  • Confectionery.


  • Cereals (Grain, Barley, Peas & Beans).


  • Butter.


  • Fruit.


  • Frozen Foods.


  • Beverages.


  • Milk Powder.


We work with buyers and exporters by providing impartial inspection, quality and quantity controls at either, or both, end of the supply chain. Services provided include, but not limited to:-


  • Pre-Shipment Inspection.


  • Quality Control.


  • Weighing Control.


  • Sampling and Laboratory Testing.


  • Tally.


  • Temperature Control - Data Logging.


  • Packing and Marking Inspection.


  • Verification of Production and Best Before Dates.


  • Container Loading and/or Discharge Supervision.


  • Damage Survey, Mitigation and Loss Control.


  • Protesting Against Damage To Appropriate Party.

We are highly experienced food inspectors entrusted to protect our client's cargo interests during production, loading and logistical operations of seafood, meat, sugar, rice, coffee, soya beans, cocoa beans, fruit, vegetables and butter.  From pre-shipment inspection, sampling and analysis in Brasil; Argentina; Thailand; Vietnam and Peru, to invesigating quality claims in Europe, allow our global network of professional food inspectors to protect your interests during shipment of fresh, frozen and perishable foodstuffs.


Seafood Inspection - Qtech Control
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