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We provide independent inspection and quality control at warehouses, stores, packing companies and freight forwarders serving Heathrow Airport.

Qtech Control provide highly experienced inspectors for a wide range of cargo inspection services in and around Heathrow Airport.   


We have experience at inspecting a broad range of products, equipment, vehicles and art by independently witnessing quality and quantity prior to shipment by air freight.  

Our inspectors protect our client's interests by providing services designed to ensure that the exported goods are despatched in full quantity and in an undamaged condition. We also confirm that goods are exported according to contractual specification and that they are packed and marked according to international standards. 

Services provided but not limited to:

  • Pre Shipment Inspection

  • Tally

  • Product Quality Control

  • Witness Packing and Marking

  • Witness Ratchet Strapping and Wrapping

  • Checking Markings and Labelling: (Consignee Details, Handling Signage, Packing List inclusion,      Shock / Tilt Warning Labels, Packaging Heat Treatment Markings).

Highly experienced inspectors performing independent inspection controls.

Allow us to protect your interests by providing quality control services for goods and packaging prior to despatch.

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