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On - Off Hire Survey Incorporating Bunker Survey

When a vessel commences a time-charter it is said to be "delivered" to the charterer. When the charter period comes to an end it is said to be "redelivered" to the vessel owner. During the period of the time-charter the charterer provides the bunker fuel. Upon completion of the time-charter the vessel is redelivered to the vessel owner, and the owner takes over the bunkers that are still remaining on board.   It is therefore vital that charterers ensure that bunker quantities on board are verified on commencement of time-charter and on redelivery.  


In order to minimise potential disputes between the vessel owner and the charterer, Qtech Control provides highly experienced marine surveyors who carry out an On Hire Survey on delivery, and an Off Hire Survey on redelivery. The surveyors sound the ballast tanks, calculate and certify the fuel on board.  We also survey the condition of the vessel to check for damage.  Our skilled surveyors professionally survey the pertinent parts of the vessel, namely, the vessel´s hull, holds, hatch covers, mooring equipment, deck and cargo gears in order to check for any signs of damage caused during the charter period.  During Off Hire Survey we will thoroughly examine the vessel and, if damage is noted, the surveyor will make enquiries to the Master and Chief Officer to explore as best possible whether the damage is new or old.   We provide a detailed report including specific information regarding the extent and possible cause of the damage.  Photographic evidence is taken recording the condition at the time of survey.  An examination of all vessel´s certificates is also conducted and copies are obtained to compliment the survey report. 


Draught Survey.


A draught survey is a calculation of the weight of cargo loaded into, or discharged from a vessel. The survey is based on Archimedes' displacement principle, as the draught survey measures the displacement of the water both prior to, and on completion of cargo loading or discharging.  The difference between the two displacement figures represents the weight of the cargo.


Qtech Control provides highly qualified and experienced marine surveyors to conduct draught survey on our client’s behalf.    There are several key aspects to conducting an accurate draught survey, these include the vessel’s trim condition, dock or sea water swell conditions, accurate reading of the draught marks including the outer draught marks by small boat if necessary and sampling and testing of the dock water for salinity by hydrometer.  Ballast tanks also need to be accurately sounded and the vessel’s constant needs to be ascertained.


We have expert draught surveyors working with us at many of the worlds most commonly used commercial ports. 

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