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Certificate Of Conformity - Algeria

Qtech Control provide pre shipment inspection to Algeria and issue Certificate of Conformity for exports from the UK and in several countries in Europe.

A Certificate of Conformity (COC) has been a mandatory requirement to import regulated products into Algeria since 2009, when the Bank of Algeria issued circular no.16/DGC/2009.  It decreed that all exports to Algeria for regulated products must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity issued by an internationally recognised inspection agency, whose role it is to inspect and certify that the goods designated for export are in compliance with relevant technical regulations and standards.

In January 2018, an additional mandatory requirement was introduced for regulated products exported to Algeria.  Exporters are now required to provide a Certificate of Free Marketing, in addition to the Certificate of Conformity, when shipping goods to Algeria.  Qtech Control offers consultancy and certification for the Certificate of Free Marketing Algeria.

Failure to provide a Certificate of Conformity to Algeria and a Certificate of Free Marketing to Algeria can result in goods being rejected or detained for an indefinite period at customs on arrival in Algeria.

We have experience at co-ordinating and executing COC inspection and certification from the beginning of the programme. We provide highly experienced technical inspectors and engineers throughout the UK and worldwide.   Our services are trusted by several prominent machinery manufacturers and machinery traders, who we assist continually on their Certificate of Conformity inspection and certification requirements.  

We have experience of inspecting and certifying a wide variety of vehicles, plant, equipment and production machinery destined for Algeria.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and to receive a highly competitive quotation.

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