Inspection, Witness Testing and Quality Control Services China

Supplier Audit Services:

​We provide auditing services to companies who subcontract production to China. Our highly experienced and professional auditors perform a comprehensive on site review of:

The manufacturer's structure, ownership and registration.

Review of accreditations and their genuineness- ISO Certificates - Quality Management System.

Financial standing.

Client list. 

The ability and experience to produce the required goods. 

Manufacturing capability - shop floor visit - machinery list - staffing review.

Quality control procedures - testing facilities, health and safety record.


Vendor Inspection China - Services:

  • Client Representation - Pre Inspection Meetings

  • Witness Testing - Raw Material Testing - Traceability & Document Review, NDT Testing, Pressure Testing, Functional Testing etc.)

  • Quality Control - Workmanship, Dimensional Control

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Coating Inspection and Testing

  • Expediting Services China

  • Tagging and Marking Control

  • Packing and Marking Inspection

  • Document Review and Signing, QC Documents, Test Reports, Welder Qualifications, ITP etc.

  • Final Inspection and Release

Welding and Fabrication Projects China - Client Representation - Pre Inspection Meetings, Raw Material Traceability - Document Review - Test Reports -Weld Maps - Welder Qualification Records, Quality Control - Visual - Dimensional - Witnessing NDT Testing , Expediting, Tagging and Marking Supervision,  Document Review and ITP Sign-off, Final Inspection and Release.


Typical Vendor Inspection

in China 

Dimensional Control
Dimensional Control

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Thickness Check
Thickness Check

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PMI Testing
PMI Testing

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Pre Shipment Inspection China: (structural steel, motors, valves, generators, power units, fans, blowers, electrical equipment medical devices, printers, computers, pharmaceuticals).

Marine Surveys: Draft Survey, On – Off Hire Survey, Bunker Survey, Cargo Loading / Discharge Supervision, Project Cargo / Heavy Lift Loading / Discharge Supervision.

Container Loading and Discharge Supervision:  Independent witness of loading and discharging, witnessing sealing / unsealing of containers, weighing supervision.


Net Cargo Weight Calculation
Net Cargo Weight Calculation

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Weighbridge Calibration Certificate
Weighbridge Calibration Certificate

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Checking Seal Integrity
Checking Seal Integrity

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Typical Container Discharge Weighing Supervision in China 


  • Gear Boxes

  • Pumps

  • Valves

  • Electrometers

  • Air Blowers

  • Compressors

  • Filters

  • Lifting Equipment

  • Steel Wire Ropes


  • Offshore Platforms

  • Drilling Equipment

  • Casings and Tubing

  • Line Pipe

  • Xmas Tree including Well Head and associated equipment

  • Oil Spill Booms and Stillages


  • Belt Conveyors

  • Bucket Wheel Excavators

  • Scraper Bars

  • Conveyor Belts

  • Belt Wagons

  • Loading Systems

  • Tippers 


  • Boiler Cradle

  • Gas Ducting

  • Water Wall Tubing Panel

  • Surge Hopper System

  • Economizer System

  • Boiler Drum

  • Super Heater

  • Coal Mill

  • Boiler Blower

  • Shipping Containers


  • Bridge Structures

  • Tunnelling Machinery

  • Ductile Iron Pipes



Coated Wire Mesh Roll Fencing

Coated Galvanised Steel Tube Fencing

Galvanised Welded Mesh Fencing

Typical Inspection

New Shipping Container

Manufactured in China 

Locking Mechanism Check
Locking Mechanism Check

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Containers Awaiting Inspection
Containers Awaiting Inspection

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Colour Verification
Colour Verification

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