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Inspection Certificate for Used Capital Machinery Export to Bangladesh

​In order to import certain used machinery into Bangladesh under Letter of Credit terms, it may be necessary to arrange inspection and certification of the machinery with a third party inspection company registered and authorised by the National Board of Revenue (NBR), People's Republic of Bangladesh. 


Qtech Control provide inspection to Bangladesh for 10 years Longevity Certification, only after the exporter and importer have agreed to trade the used machinery, and only after issuance of the Letter of Credit.

We are associates and European representatives of a prominent NBR authorised inspection company who are licensed to perform the necessary inspection and certification of goods as defined in the inspection regulations detailed in Import Policy Order 2021-2024 (SRO No.92-Ain/2022, dated 20/04/2022.


Our highly experienced inspectors perform inspection and witness running tests.  Upon satisfactory completion of the inspection, an Inspection Certificate and a Longevity Certificate are provided to the client allowing smooth customs clearance.


Failure to provide an approved Inspection Certificate can result in goods being delayed, rejected or detained for an indefinite period at customs on arrival in Bangladesh.


Pre Shipment Inspection of used machinery exports to Bangladesh, including:

•      Used Printing Machines

•      Used Textile Machines

•      Used Metal Processing Machinery

•      Used Woodworking Machinery

•      Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

•      Used Laser Cutting Machines

•      Used Generators and Generator Sets

•      Used Cranes

•      Used Concrete Mixer Trucks

•      Used Excavators

•      Used Motor Graders

•      Used Wheel Loaders

•      Used Dump Trucks

•      Used Tractors

•      Used Bobcats

•      Used Buses

•      Used Motor Vehicles


If you would like to discuss matters in detail and our potential inclusion in the Letter of Credit, please contact us on

Typical Inspection

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