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Pre-Shipment Inspection, Quality Control, Tally, Packing Supervision, Loading Supervision And Certification For Engineered Goods, Machinery, Foodstuffs, Printers, Valves, Vehicles And Chemicals.

Qtech Control is a UK based pre shipment inspection company providing pre shipment inspection services throughout the UK and globally.  We are nominated by buyers or vendors to provide impartial quality and quantity control of goods prior to despatch via pre shipment inspection.    


The aim of the inspection is to ensure that goods shipped meet the contractual specification and that the goods are in accordance with relevant documents such as Letter Of Credit, Purchase Order or the contract between the two trading parties.

Our highly experienced inspectors take care to ensure that all goods and accessories are shipped in sound condition and in full quantity. We also verify that the goods are packed according to appropriate standards and that the packaging is marked correctly. Photographic evidence is provided along with a detailed report and copies of supporting documentation.

Pre Shipment Inspection Services Worldwide

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Engineered Goods.

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Plant and Vehicles.

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Pharmaceutical Products.

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Foodstuffs.

We have considerable experience and knowledge of pre shipment inspection and certification regulations for exported goods to the following countries who have mandatory inspection pre shipment inspection regulations.  Each country has its own Pre Shipment Inspection

(PSI) or Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards (PVoC) scheme:-

  • ​Pre shipment inspection to Tadjikistan

In addition we have performed commercial inspection of goods being exported to other countries including Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Malawi and Saudi Arabia.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services Worldwide.

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