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Pre Shipment Inspection Case Study

The Client:  A large UK based manufacturer and exporter of valves and metering equipment working within the Oil & Gas and Water industries.


The Problem:  The client advised that their buyer in Egypt made regular claims of allegedly receiving damaged and short shipped products.  As a consequence, the client was forced to financially compensate the buyer, or face losing their business.  Relations between the two parties had become bitter and neither party trusted the other.


The Solution: Qtech Control visited the client and conducted a review of the company’s production, packing and despatch record system.  A robust, tailored Pre-Shipment Inspection plan was devised with numerous check points established to confirm product quality and quantity met with the contractual specification.   All goods were independently inspected, tallied and photographed prior to final packing,  sealing and despatch.  The PSI system was immediately introduced for all shipments to the particular buyer.  


The Outcome:  The client informed their buyer of the existence of the newly established independent verification process and ensured that the buyer was provided with a copy of our Pre-Shipment Inspection Report as soon as the goods were despatched.


The client reports that since our services were engaged, buyer complaints have ceased. The client was able to prove their credibility to the buyer by voluntarily implementing an additional layer of quality and quantity assurance.  As a consequence, the relationship between the client and the buyer is much improved.


The Cost:  The client reported that the cost of our highly competitive, professional inspection services have far out-weighed the claims which they had been receiving from the buyer.  In addition, our client has been able to make cost savings, as they no longer have to devote time and money dealing with an upset and angry customer.  

Cost Effective, Tailored Inspection Services Performed By Highly Experienced Inspectors In Many Countries Around The World.  


PSI of Engineered Goods, Machinery, Foodstuffs, Consumer Goods, Printers, Valves, Flow Meters, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.


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