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Qtech Control provides independent, inspection, testing and certification services for new & used vehicles and plant around the world.  Our highly experienced inspectors work to ensure that vehicles shipped are verified against documentation and that they are fully operational and in the condition stipulated in the contract between the buyer and the seller.

New vehicles and plant are usually inspected via a visual pre shipment inspection and / or by witnessing factory acceptance testing, during which specific functions of the goods are demonstrated (crane load testing for example).

Used vehicles and plant are checked for any signs of damage or missing parts. We also provide loading controls to ensure that the goods are stowed and secured correctly and that they are shipped in an undamaged condition.  

To date, we have inspected a broad range of vehicles and plant destined for export to many countries.    Please visit our Pre Shipment Inspection page for details of countries where we have Pre Shipment inspection capabilities.

  • New and Used Cars.

  • Heavy Good Vehicles.

  • Cranes.

  • Excavators.

  • Bobcats.

  • Earth Moving Vehicles.

  • Road Sweepers.

  • Buses and Coaches.

  • Motor Racing Vehicles.

  • Vintage Cars and Motorcycles.

  • Specialist Vehicles.

  • Line Marking Machines.

  • Taxis.

With registered inspectors and engineers
based in over 40 countries,
Qtech Control has the skills and personnel to protect your interests.

Inspection and Testing Of New and Used Vehicles
and Plant Worldwide

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