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Inspection, Witness Testing and Quality Control Services Malta

Qtech Control provide a wide range of cargo inspection services in Malta including quality and quantity control, packing and marking inspection and supervision of loading into container at Malta Freeport.  Our highly experienced inspectors work to ensure that goods are shipped safely, securely and in full quantity.   We also provide supervision of loading heavy lift cargo aboard vessels.

Malta Freeport is a major transhipment hub for North Africa countries including Algeria and Libya.

Pre Shipment Inspection Malta to Libya

Pre Shipment Inspection Malta to Algeria

Qtech Control have extensive experience at co-ordinating and executing inspection and regulatory certification for Algeria and Libya.  We provide highly experienced technical inspectors and engineers to control a wide variety of engineered products for the Oil & Gas Industry, pharmaceuticals, production machinery, vehicles and plant equipment, foodstuffs and clothing. Our ISO accredited inspection services are trusted by many prominent international manufacturing companies and commodity traders.

Please call us to discuss your requirements for cargo inspection in Malta and to receive a highly competitive quotation.

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