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Third Party Inspection And Witness Testing Of Pumps
and Blowers Worldwide

Qtech Control provide highly experienced mechanical inspectors for witness testing and quality control of pumps at many of the worlds most prominent pump manufacturing sites.  We offer a comprehensive range of inspection services which we tailor to meet the requirements of individual clients.

Services provided but not limited to:

  • Client Representation at Pre Inspection Meetings.

  • Material Testing, Traceability, Document Review.

  • Visual Inspection / Pump Identification.

  • Dimensional Control.

  • Witness Testing: Performance Test, Sound Emission (Noise) Test, Vibration Test, Temperature Test, Hydrostatic Pressure Test, Net Positive Suction Head Test (NPSH)

  • Coating Inspection, Tagging Inspection, MRB Review, Final Inspection.

  • Packing / Protection / Preservation and Marking Inspection.

Qtech Control is an ISO 17020 registered type A inspection body.  Included in our accreditation is the inspection, testing and certification of pumps.     

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