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Vendor Inspections Attended Worldwide

Enviro Kinetics Inc. California, USA

Witness Testing, FAT Witness, Quality Control, Packing and Marking Inspection of Industrial Burners.

Vahterus, Kalanti, Finland

Final Inspection of Heat Exchangers, Visual Inspection, Dimensional Check, Painting Inspection, Packing & Marking Inspection.

Goodwin International, Staffordshire, UK

Valve Witness Testing, Pressure Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, NDT Inspection, Fugitive Emissions Test, Cryogenic Test, Temperature Test.

Finder Pompes, Venissieux, France

Factory Acceptance Test, Performance Test, Vibration Test, Noise Test, Visual & Dimensional Inspection.

Oliver Valves, Cheshire, UK

Witness Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, Fugitive Emissons Test, Final Inspection.

Proclad, Glenrothes, Scotland

Hydro Testing of Hot Induction Bends.

Barton Firtop Engineering Limited , Worcestershire, UK

Hydrostatic Testing, Final Inspection, Packing Protection and Marking Inspection.

MTM Valves, Turin, Italy

Witness Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, Pneumatic Test, Fugitive Emissions Test, Dimensiional Check, Final Inspection, Document Review, ITP Sign-off.

Netzsch Pumpen & System GmbH, Waldkraiburg, Germany

Client Representation at Pre-Inspection Meeting, Witness Testing, Dimensional Control, Packing & Marking Inspection, Final Inspection, MRB Review, ITP Sign-off.

Abacus Valves International Limited, Ayrshire, UK

Witness Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, Pneumatic Testing.

Bonney Forge, Bergamo, Italy

Visual Inspection, Dimesional Check, Hydrostatic Testing, Pneumatic Testing, Final Inspection, ITP Sign-Off.

Solapak Limited, Bedfordshire

Factory Acceptance Test of Charge Box Controller.

Borsig Heat Exchanger Gmbh, Berlin, Germany

Visual Inspection, Dimensional Control.

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