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Chartered Engineer Certificate Inspection and Certification Germany For Used Machinery Exports to India

Qtech Control provide highly experienced and qualified inspection engineers in Germany for CEC inspection services. We have many years experience at inspecting and certifying a wide range of used machinery in Germany.  From a single machine to a whole factory relocation, we have the experience and manpower to provide your with professional and efficient Chartered Engineer Inspection services in Germany.


The inspection part of the CEC process requires the inspection engineer to perform a thorough check of the used machinery’s condition recording any damage, and independently verifying the Year of Manufacture; Manufacturer; Model Number and Serial Number. The data marked on the used machinery is then compared to information contained within the Packing List or Invoice provided by the vendor.  


Equally important to the used machinery inspection are the valuation and certification processes.  The chartered engineer is required to calculate the depreciation value of the machinery by considering the price stated in the commercial invoice, against the machinery’s age / condition, reconditioning (if any) and the value of the goods in the year of manufacture.  In order to achieve this, access to historical machinery pricing information is essential. Qtech Control has several associates within the machinery trading industry which allows us to gain such information. 


We provide Chartered Engineer Certificate inspection and certification for used machinery destined for India throughout Germany.

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