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Vendor Sites Attended Worldwide

Apex SRL, Brasov, Romania

Witness Testing, Quality Control, Coating Inspection of Combustion Pre Heaters.

Linde AG, Tacherting, Germany

Coldbox and Piping - Witnessing Air Pressure Test and Leakage Test.

Dtec Fabrications Limited, Stoke-On-Trent, UK

Deaerator Vessel - Dimensional Control, Quality Control and Expediting.

Ledwood Engineering Limited, Pembroke, Wales, UK

Fabrication Quality Control, Dimensional Control and Expediting.

Siemens AG, Nuremburg, Germany

Rotor Turbine, Visual Inspection, Dimensional Control, Witnessing High Speed Test.

AAF Cramlington, UK

Silencer Splitters - Material Certificate Review, Dimensional Control, Quality Control.

Sulzer Pumps, Leeds, UK

Witnessing Performance Tests, Document Review.

Siemens AG, Berlin, Germany

Switchyard Equipment, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Tally, Quality Control, Packing and Marking Inspection.

Alco Valve Group, Brighouse, UK

Witnessing Hydrostatic Pressure Testing.

Colson X-Cell Ltd, Elland, UK

Valve Manifold, Paint Inspection Review, Final Inspection.

GEA Westfalia Group GmbH, Niederahr, Germany

Decanter - Tightness Test, Dimensional Control, Final Inspection.

Total Engineering Ltd, Barrow-In-Furness, UK

Pipe Arranagement - Witnessing Hydrostatic Pressure Test.

Halifax Fan Ltd, Brighouse, UK

Combustion Fan Air Assembly - Dimensional Control. Witnessing Performance Test, Document Review, Final Inspection.

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