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Qtech Control provides impartial inspection, quality and weight control for exports of scrap metal.  

Our expert scrap metal inspectors and draft surveyors work with many prominent international scrap metal trading companies in the UK and in certain countries in Europe.


We provide independent quality control, radiation monitoring, loading supervision and weight verification for both containerised and bulk shipped scrap. 


Scrap Metal Pre-loading Inspection Service:


Qtech Control provides scrap metal pre-loading inspection services in order to assist buyers in making a decision whether to buy cargo or not.    Our highly experienced scrap inspectors perform a range of specific inspection, sampling and testing services in order to determine the quality of scrap being offered for sale.   Our pre-loading inspection services are utilised by many buyers of UK scrap who wish to avoid the hassle and associated costs involved in being supplied with out of specification scrap metal.


Scrap Metal Pre-Shipment Inspection Container / Vessel Loading Services:

Scrap Metal Inspection

Visual quality assessment.     


Impurity, oversize, off grade estimation.                   

Density calculation.              


Explosive free checks.


Grading according to international standard.


Radiation Testing.


Stockpile auditing.


Supervision of loading and/or discharge.


Photographic evidence.

Weighing supervision.                                    


Calibration checks.


Container Sealing.




On-off hire survey.  


Bunker survey.


Draft survey.                                                 


Hold condition survey.

Scrap Metal Quality Complaint Investigation Services:


Qtech Control provides expert impartial inspection, testing, sampling and arbitration services at buyer’s sites, when scrap metal material quality is questioned.   Our experts perform stringent pre-determined inspection controls of material from un-opened containers with original seals intact only.    Inspection of material already discharged without us being present is not undertaken, as the true quality of cargo cannot be independently verified.   Our core business for such inspection is in India and Pakistan where we have highly experienced independent scrap metal inspectors.

Scrap Metal Inspection
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