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Chartered Engineer Certificate for Used Machinery to India

A Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC), is a mandatory requirement to import used machinery into India. Failure to provide a CEC can result in goods being rejected or detained for an indefinite period at customs. 

Qtech Control staff has over twenty five years’ experience co-ordinating and executing CEC inspection and certification.


The inspection of the machinery being exported is obviously a critical part of the service, we provide highly qualified, experienced and certified engineers to attend all CEC inspections. An equally important aspect of the service is the valuation and certification preparation. The value of used machinery is sometimes deliberately under stated on commercial invoices so that the importer pays less duty on import. This is particularly relevant when the overseas exporter is shipping to a related company in India.


A fundamental task in the preparation of the CEC is calculating the depreciation of the machinery by considering the value of the commercial invoice against the year of manufacture / the machinery condition and the value of the goods in the year of manufacture. In order to do this, one has to have access to machinery pricing information. Qtech Control has associates within the machinery trading industry which allows us to gain such information.  

We have experience of inspecting and certifying a huge variety of machinery at many locations throughout the world. Our experience includes regular shipments of:

  • Used Manufacturing Machinery of varying industries.

  • Used Printing Presses.

  • Engines.

  • Boilers.

  • Valves and Turbines.

  • IT equipment.

  • CNC Machinery.

  • Laboratory Equipment.

  • Chemical Process Equipment.

  • Injection Moulding Machinery.

  • Used Vehicles and Plant Equipment.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and to receive a highly competitive quotation.

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