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Exports of used machinery to India must be accompanied by a Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC).  Failure to provide a Chartered Engineer Certificate for second hand machinery to India can result in goods being rejected or detained for an indefinite period at customs.

Qtech Control implement a simple three step approach to CEC inspection and certification.


Valuation & Appraisal


Qualified Engineers and over twenty five years experience of Chartered Engineer Certificate inspection and  certification worldwide.

Qtech Control staff have over twenty five years experience of coordinating Chartered Engineer Certificate inspection and certification services worldwide for used machinery exports to India.

The inspection of the machinery being exported is obviously a critical part of the Chartered Engineer Inspection service.  We provide highly qualified, experienced and certified inspection engineers to attend all Chartered Engineer Certificate related inspections.  

Of equal importance is used machinery valuation and certification.  The chartered engineer is required to calculate the depreciation value of the machinery by considering the price stated in the commercial invoice, against the machinery’s age / condition, reconditioning (if any) and the value of the goods in the year of manufacture.  In order to achieve this, access to historical machinery pricing information is essential.   Qtech Control has several associates within the machinery trading industry which allows us to gain such information.  

We have experience of inspecting and certifying a huge variety of second hand machinery at many locations throughout the world.



Our experience includes shipments of:-

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate used Manufacturing Machinery from various industries.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Printing Presses.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Engines and Generators.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Boilers.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Valves and Turbines.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Vehicles and Plant Equipment.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Scaffolding Systems.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Computer Equipment.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used CNC Machinery.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate - used Plastic Moulding Machinery.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate for EPCG Scheme.

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate for temporary import.


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